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About Us


Our ideas are as diverse as they are dynamic and just as varied as our clients' needs. We strive for perfect vision, to see the whole picture, and in an all-inclusive relationship of true partnership will help you reach your goals.


Throughout life's adventures, Reaves & Co. stays fully engaged to minimize risk and insure your assets. Reaves & Co. is committed to capturing the entire line of your business for the life of the relationship we build. You can bet that we will ask for your business, because your relationship is our only business. The journey begins with the right foot on solid ground--that's what we provide in everything we do for you.


Welcome to Reaves & Co.

the elegant journey for every venture & adventure

Candle Store Owner


Personal Insurance 

Having peace of mind is worth is priceless and effortless with us, building on our services and packaging them to you in the most efficient and economical suite possible. From your auto to your zeppelin your coverage is elegantly prepared uncertain road ahead.


As business owners, we all should carefully consider our commercial insurance needs, which offer a range of vital protection related to the business and designed to protect the owners form personal losses. From vehicles to property and the employees within the business, owners can safeguard their investment and lessen the risk of a scenario affecting its growth and presence. The following areas represent some of the primary commercial insurance needs that any business should approach.

Professional Insurance

We think about your liabilities so you can focus on the growth of your business, we manage liabilities so you can effortlessly build your assets.As an independent contractor, medical professional to lion tamer we have your liabilities covered.

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